Suat M. Ozgur


Database / Application Developer

Start Coding with Doctrine 2 ORM!
Zend Framework  -  May 29, 2017


Finally decided to use ORM instead building all data mapping myself in my applications.

I was trying to convince myself start using Doctrine 2 ORM in my Zend Framework applications for a long while. Apparently today is the day!

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Searching in Online Book Catalog
Zend Framework  -  Jan 20, 2017


How to implement search functionality to provide a better browsing.

Developing an engaging web site requires a search functionality to provide visitors to find out what they are looking for quickly. I will show you how to build a basic search functionality in this post of the Online Book Catalog Tutorial series.

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Pagination with Zend\Paginator
Zend Framework  -  Jan 4, 2017


Time to apply pagination for limiting items per page.

Book records in the Online Database Catalog database will increase by the nature of the application. Therefore I need to implement Pagination to let visitors navigate between limited number of items per page.

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