Online Book Catalog Application Tutorial

Online Book Catalog Application Tutorial

Zend Framework Skeleton Application based project I will build from scratch.

The purpose of this tutorial series is to take notes about the development steps that I follow to build an application by using the MVC pattern on Zend Framework 3.
I will build a web application named 'Online Book Catalog' that visitors will be able to browse Book records. A clean Zend Framework Skeleton Application installation will be used as the project's starting point.

Online Book Catalog application will eventually provide a website that:

A visitor - Guest will be able to:

  • Browse in the book listing
  • Search for the books
  • Read any book detail
  • Register as a User

A User will:

  • Inherits all privileges of a Guest - can do everything a Guest can
  • Have credentials to login and manage own account
  • Make comments on the books

And finally an Administrator will:

  • Inherits all privileges of a User - can do everything a User can
  • Create new books
  • Update/delete existing books
  • Manage user accounts

This tutorial series will contain the following topics that I intend to post regularly.

Published on Dec 17, 2016